The painter’s partition problem part II

You have to paint N boards of length {A0, A1, A2 … AN-1}. There are K painters available and you are also given how much time a painter takes to paint 1 unit of board. You have to get this job done as soon as possible under the constraints that any painter will only paint continuous sections of board, say board {2, 3, 4} or only board {1} or nothing but not board {2, 4, 5}.

Try to think how to apply Binary Search indirectly to solve this problem. First, it does not require A to be sorted in any way. Second, if you sort A, the constraint that the painter must paint continuous sections of board does not necessarily hold anymore. Think carefully: What if you have a maximum board length in mind such that no painter can exceed this value?

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01 int min_time(int A[],int size,int k)
02 {
03     int sum=0;
04     for(int i=0;i<size;i++)
05         sum+=A[i];
06     int lo=1;
07     int hi=sum;
08     while(lo<hi){
09         int t=1;
10         int mid=(lo+hi)/2;
11         sum=0;
12         for(int i=0;i<size;i++){
13             sum+=A[i];
14             if(sum>mid){
15                 i;
16                 t++;
17                 sum=0;
18             }
19         }
20         if(t>k)
21             lo=mid+1;
22         else if(t<=k)
23             hi=mid;
24     }
25     return hi;
26 }
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