Maximum distance(diameter) of a binary tree

Find the maximum distance of a binary tree. The maximum distance or diameter is defined to be the number of nodes in the longest path inside a binary tree.

01 int diameterTree(Node* head, int& d)
02 {
03     if(head==NULL)
04         return 0;
05     int left=diameterTree(head->left,d);
06     int right=diameterTree(head->right,d);
07     if((left+right+1)>d)
08         d=left+right+1;
09     if(left>=right)
10         return left+1;
11     else
12         return right+1;
13 }
The above algorithm used post-traverse of a binary tree and calculate depth and diameter recursively. Note that, every node has been visited just once! So, the overall complexity is O(n).
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