Printing matrix (2D array) in spiral order

Given a matrix (2D array) of m x n elements (m rows, n columns), write a function that prints the elements in the array in a spiral manner.

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01 void spiralPrint(vector<int *> A,int left, int right, int low, int high)
02 {
03     if((left>right)||(low>high))
04         return;
05     for(int i=left;i<=right;i++)
06         cout<<A[low][i]<<” “;
07     for(int i=low+1;i<=high;i++)
08         cout<<A[i][right]<<” “;
09     if(low!=high){
10         for(int i=right1;i>=left;i)
11             cout<<A[high][i]<<” “;
12     }
13     if(left!=right){
14         for(int i=high1;i>=low+1;i)
15             cout<<A[i][left]<<” “;
16     }
17     spiralPrint(A,left+1,right1,low+1,high1);
18     return;
19 }
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