Maximum Subarray

Find the contiguous subarray within an array (containing at least one number) which has the largest sum.

For example, given the array [−2,1,−3,4,−1,2,1,−5,4],
the contiguous subarray [4,−1,2,1] has the largest sum = 6.

More practice:If you have figured out the O(n) solution, try coding another solution using the divide and conquer approach, which is more subtle.

01 int maxSubArray(int A[], int n)
02  {
03      if(n==0)
04          return 0;
05      int sum=0;
06      int maxsum=A[0];
07      for(int i=0;i<n;i++){
08          sum+=A[i];
09          if(sum>maxsum)
10              maxsum=sum;
11          if(sum<0)
12              sum=0;
13      }
14      return maxsum;
15 }
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